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Proposed routes and tips

Our recomandations :

  • For a road bike trip, the departures in the morning are recommended to avoid the hot of summer (from June) and the traffic. Bring enough water with you and something to eat in sufficient amount (generally there is a water fountain on the main place of every village you will cross)
  • Don’t go riding alone.
  • Have a mobile phone with you and some cash for any emergency.
  • Choose a route adapted to your level of practise and your ability on a bike.

 Our safety instructions :

The bike is a great way to move around but require some rules to practise it in complete safety.

  • The material

Our bikes are checked every week and tested.

Before starting, make a visual control and one brake test.

Adjust the height of the saddle to your size.

  • Breakage of the equipment :

When the bike is rented to you, you are completely responsible for any damage. Take care of your bike!

Stripes on the frame coming from a not careful use ( in particular when they are attached with the

locks) so, the breakage of an element of the bike, the key of lock, or breakage of the stand, breakage of the lighting… will be charged to you.

Thanks to your careful use, we can offer bikes in good condition all year long.

  • Tramway rails are dangerous, don’t ride on the track.
  • The theft

You necessarily have to attach your bike. Use your U lock we supply to you. The unsecure bikes are stolen in 5 minutes.

  • The helmet use

Although it’s not compulsory in France, it’s strongly recommended.

No matter your level of practise, the helmet can save your life.

  • The traffic rules

Respect the traffic rules, use cycle track when you can, respect traffic lights and speed limit.

In France bicycling is subject to the road rules.

In case of congestion roads, do not hesitate to walk with your bike to cross the road.

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