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Nice countryside by road bike discovery



« On the track of “THE IRON MAN” race »

Parcours route Caussol

This tour requires a Carbon or Aluminium frame road bike and a good fitness level.

Starting from Nice, follow the seaside to Saint Laurent du Var, then go on North direction, on the way to  Carros.

After few miles, follow the signs for “Gattière” to go above the plain of Var. Then turn left in direction of Saint Jeannet, Vence, Tourette sur Loup, Bar sur Loup..

Start climbing then the ascent of the “plateau of Caussols” and enter into the Regional Pre-Alps park of Azur !

Explore this part following Andon, Gréolière, Coursegoules, Bézaudun, Bouyon and Carros.

Back to the plaine du Var, follow the river to Saint Laurent du Var, turn left and here you are again at Nice!

It’s the main part of the IRON MAN race (without the “Col de Vence”)

There are different ways to reach the Plateau de Caussols, our favourites are “Col de Vence”, wonderful ascension above the Seaview, starting at Vence; or take the road of “Gorges du Loup”, just before “Bar sur Loup”, perfect at summer time, with beautiful waterfalls along the road.

Route duration6 - 8 h
Distance160 km for the complete tour. The other choices are shorte 95 km by the “col de Vence”, and 120 km by the “Gorges du Loup”
Ascension elevation1800 meters
Our bike choiceCarbon or Aluminium Road bike

« Les trois Corniches »

Parcours route Trois corniches

Waking up under a blue sky in the morning, go for the ascension of “LES TROIS CORNICHES”. These three roads join Nice to Menton and offer you magnificent panoramas along the French Riviera.

If you are lucky, you will meet the professional teams of the Tour de France which are training often on these roads. (Astana, Sky)

You can choose many different routes. We recommend you a aluminium or carbon frame road bike.

It’s also possible to use the trekking bikes (21 speeds), fitness bikes or electric bikes.

Our preferred route:

Start from the port of Nice in the direction of Monaco by the “Basse Corniche” road. After a 800 meters ride, at a crossing roads follow the panel indicating “ Fort du Mont Alban”

Enjoy the first panorama above the bay of Villefranche, then join the “Col de Villefranche” and the “Moyenne Corniche”. Follow Eze village  signs (6 km) and discover this medieval fortress with plunging view over the sea.

Leaving Eze, turn left in the direction of La Turbie, and join the “Grande Corniche” road.

Stop at La Turbie for eat and drink, a water fountain is waiting for you in the centre of the village. From there, you can go down to Nice by the “Grande Corniche” or continue in the direction of Menton to find again the seaside and follow the coast road to cross over Monaco, Cap d’Ail, Beaulieu sur Mer, Villefranche and finally Nice.

It’s a route of 50 kilometres which offers many alternative routes.

For example: From La Turbie you can fork to Peille, perched village in the beginning of The Alps and go up to the “Col de la Madone” to 849 meter elevation and go up to Saint Agnés, the highest village of the French Riviera. Then go down again to Menton before returning back Nice by following the seaside. Distance approximately 110 km for this route

Route duration3 h for the short tour, 6h if cross the “Col de la Madone St Agnès”
Distance50 to 100 Km
Ascension elevation1200 meters
DifficultyMedium to difficult
Our bike choiceRoad bike in Aluminium or Carbon

« Target Col de Braus »

Parcours route Braus

From Nice, follow the Paillon river, direction “La Trinité”, “Drap”, “Cantaron”, “Peillon” and “l’Escarène”.

Arrived at “l’Escarène”, you start the climb to the “Col de Braus” (1000 meters elevation) which crosses “Touet of l’Escarène”.

Close to the summit, continue on the secondary road D54 in the direction of Lucéram and Coaraze then go down to Paillon river, in direction of Nice.

A road bike is strongly recommended for this ascent! This summit is wonderful.

Road duration4 h 30
Distance100 km
Ascension elevation1300 meters
Our bike choiceRoad bike in Aluminium or Carbon