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Explore the pathways with our mountain bikes


.The mountain bike allows you to ride as well as on asphalt and off-road.

Our region abounds in ways and paths. Most of them require a good technical mountain bike skills to ride safely.“From Nice, the “Park du Vinaigrier”, the strategic runway, the “Fort de la Revère”.

By leaving the port of Nice, follow the seaside up to the boulevard Maeterlinck, then take the direction of the Mont Alban. Join the fortress to admire the plunging view on Nice and Villefranche. Behind the Fort follow the pathway with large steps which goes to the “Col de Villefranche”.

At the “Col de Villefranche”, take the small road behind the gas station, then take the first street to the left next to “Véolia” building. Looking at your right to find a small path with steps to reach the “Park of Vinaigrier”. After 1 mile of pathway overlooking Nice, you will cross the park of Vinaigrier by going up through olive trees terraces.

In his higher part you will fall again on the “Grande Corniche” road next to the Nice observatory.Continue the ascension on the “Grande Corniche” up to the intersection. Then, you can take the Strategic road of the Mont Leuze and after 500 meters you will leave the asphalt to ride on a forest track which joins the old Roman way and finally exit on the ”Col d’Eze”.

Last part of ascension let you join the “Fort de la Revère”.

From there you can admire the wonderful view of the French Riviera. On your right Cap Ferrat, Nice and facing you Corsica island !

The return can be made with different ways. Either by joining Eze village and then by going down the “Moyenne Corniche” or by staying on the “Grande Corniche” which goes on Nice too.

For the most experienced riders, many technical tracks go down up to the seaside. They are marked out but they are very technical.

This is only a short-list of what you can do and see!

We’ll be able to give you more advices and details during your visit in our shop.

There are so many pathways and routes in our beautiful region !!!

Route duration3 h
Distance40 km
Ascending elevation600 meters
Difficultymedium to difficult
Our bike choiceMountain bike